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Savantz is a cutting-edge interactive AI platform that delivers a seamless video creation experience for educators, businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, and creators.

Utilizing advanced generative models, Savantz transforms your compelling and complex content into
easy-to-consume micromodules.

Our unique platform converts text and files into professionally crafted animations and videos, empowering users with the tools to materialize creative visions for their content efficiently and effectively.

By simplifying the complexities of video production, Savantz provides high-end yet simple video solutions for novices, while also providing advanced features appreciated by professionals.

We’re not just redefining video creation; we’re setting a new standard for high-quality, user-friendly EduTainment.

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Easily generate course content and increase classroom engagement. Turn your content into engaging video courses seamlessly integrated with platforms like Blackboard and Canvas.


Efficiently communicate new processes, compliance measures, and company updates while increasing adherence rates using engaging visual content.


Elevate your investor pitches, explainer videos, and sales tools. Accelerate your ability to convey ideas, attract investors, and boost sales.


Transform books into interactive online courses. Bring your words to life and provide deeper insights for your readers.

And Creators OF ALL TYPES

Exciting EduTainment

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We're Revolutionizing the Way Education Meets Entertainment.

We know compelling content is EPIC. Here’s why: 

Video is proven to be 95% more effective in learning retention than visual (reading) or audio (listening) alone.  

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We’re here to transform your content into something your audience can learn faster and easier.


I am no novice when it comes to educating my employees. Savantz made it easy for me in so many ways. And bonus… my employees remembered what I presented in the videos because they were fun and entertaining to watch. Savantz, where have you been?!

Jonathan Latham, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Jonathan Latham

In the past, the need for information to be delivered effectively has been a problem for a medical practitioner and professor. Now, I create videos on Savantz, and learner engagement and retention are exceeded only by the anticipation of, 'What will I see and learn next?'

Dr. Terence Valenzuela, M.D., MPH, Emergency Medicine M.D. and Professor

Dr. Terence Valenzuela, M.D., MPH

How Savantz Works

For the Creator

Easy or Difficult? NO BRAINER!

For Your Audience

Bored or Entertained? DUH!


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Our name Savantz speaks volumes. 
We know the power of accumulating vast knowledge. But there is simply too much amazing content and too little time.

We’re here to close that gap and make sure everyone from the creators to the audience have fun doing it.

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Savantz Home About Image
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Dorine Rivers

Dorine Rivers is the Founder and CEO of Savantz AI, an Arizona-based company creating and providing innovative and boredom-free solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, authors, and others who want to enlighten and enrich their audiences with dazzling videos they’ll remember.

Her entrepreneurial expertise is in creative vision and execution, strategic planning, and identifying growth opportunities that will transform how we generate visual materials and bring unforgettable content to life.

Over her multi-faceted career, she has successfully supported corporate innovations, expansions, and M&A exits in education, life/health sciences, medical devices, software technology, and other industries.

Dr. Rivers has a Ph.D. in Business Management and Human & Organizational Systems, a Master’s in Organizational Behavior, a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP), and Investment Banking and General Contractor licenses.

In addition to her vast business experience, she is an adventure seeker, setting and achieving goals to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, bike RAGBRAI, obtain her pilot’s license, a P.A.D.I. Divemaster certification, and other thrilling quests.

So, buckle up, keep your arms and legs in at all times, and enjoy the ride of Savantz EduTainment because as Helen Keller so passionately stated; “Life is a daring adventure, or nothing”.

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View the latest articles on our blog to further understand the problems that solves. Topics include enjoyable training videos, engaging students and potential customers, learning styles, and interactive courses.


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